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Yacama married the damsel of victory, at midday on Sun-
day in 10, in the month of Jyistha of the year Plava.* The
Sun and the Moon, and the fort of Uttaramallur witnessed this
function Having won this glorious victory, Yacama returned
to Karnataka, where he was greatly honoured by Venkatapati-
raya.                                                       Maef MSI. is-t-s, Pp. 143-152.
219 (&).
Yaca Sura, who was also known as Peda Yacama Nayadu,
was at Madhurantakarn governing the Perimidi-sima which Yira
Venkatapatitaya granted to him.   He marched with his troop,
to the'fort of Uttaramallur which he captured by escalade.
AradiNagappa Nayadu, the governor of the fort, summoned
his brother-in-law, the brave Davala Papa Nay adu and said:
"Yacama Nayadu seized our fort, Uttaramallur.    It is there-
fore, necessary that we should wage war upon him_    Then he
sent With him  as  auxiliaries the  petty chiefs, Redd*, and
valaigars that held  estates  in his  districts as  well as   the
contingents of elephants and horses which the rulers of Cenji
and Tanjavur sent to his assistance.
Davala Papa Nayadu who was accompanied by Balumuru
Venkatappa Nayadu, Kmamaraju, Muppalla Bagann^Gadi-
pMi Ayyanna, Yar.a Yobulayya, Palagamu Kalayya, Macar a
Kmmanna, Ketureddi, Damerla Lingama Nayadu, Damerla
Kari-Cennapa Nayadu and 1,000 other sardars, marched at
&e head of an army consisting of 100 elephants, 1,000 horses
and 30,000 foot, and laid siege to the fort of Uttaramallur.
Yaca Sura was not alarmed when he came to know that
Davala Papayya was marching upon him with a huge host
SI younger brother, Sarvajna Singama Nayadu and himself
opposed the enemy with 2,000 cavalry. They put the
enemy to flight, slew the thousand sartors such as Balumflru
Venkatappa and wounded 6,000 troops. At last when they
beheaded Davala Papa Nayadu, the rest of his followers sought
safety in flight.
•SaB&ftttrtKar*«M. ($8.1823).